#INTEGRAeu Newsletter – May 2019

Research reports conducted in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. All reports are available in English and local official language.

The ethnographic research conducted in the INTEGRA partner countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) originated an innovative set of National Reports that analyse the process of ageing out of care in EU southern countries. The findings of this European research are highlighted and reviewed in the White Paper Ageing out of Care into Autonomous Living, which proposes tailored solutions to challenges, trends and needs that undermine a successful transition into adulthood. Find them in English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish here: https://integra.uncrcpc.org/resources/#

Focus Group with 22 relevant stakeholders in Cyprus

Thanks, to our local partners for your expert input!F

In April, project partners organized local Focus Groups with professionals working with children in care, employers and former successful care leavers, to share experiences and discuss relevant activities, resources and features they believe should be included in the INTEGRA Platform For Cooperation. This Platform will link target groups and various stakeholders working within or in close collaboration with care services to ease the social and professional integration of young care leavers and children ageing out of care in the community

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