CESIE is a not for profit European NGO established in 2001, based on the experiences of sociologist Danilo Dolci. Following Danilo Dolci’s example, CESIE advocates the promotion of a non-violent and equal society, and deems education and training as the main instruments towards this objective.

The organisation works to promote cultural, educational, scientific and economic development at a local and international level using innovative and participatory approaches.

The main objective of CESIE is to promote intercultural dialogue, responsible and sustainable development, international cooperation and entrepreneurial spirit. CESIE is divided in five departments working in synergy: European cooperation, International cooperation, Mobility, Socio-cultural promotion and Higher education and research. CESIE’s staff is composed of 35 employees of different nationalities, and the organisation can also rely on the precious contribution of many volunteers. Since 2001, CESIE has developed 400 projects – with 80 currently underway at a local, EU and worldwide level. Within these projects, CESIE has carried out a wide range of activities related to training, awareness-raising, dissemination and research.