5th INTEGRA Newsletter

#INTEGRAeu partners met in Palermo, officially launching the INTEGRA Network in Italy among stakeholders at the press conference organized by  CESIE (Center for European Studies and Initiatives) Read our December Newsletter to learn about the event and the piloting of the INTEGRA Mentoring & Integration Programme.

INTEGRA Assessment Toolkit: Offline Assessment Tool (English version)

The INTEGRA Assessment Toolkit offers a personalised assessment of +16 children in residential enabling care professionals to provide targeted
guidance to care leavers through the identification of crucial needs.

A participatory dimension is added through the Online Assessment Tool that allows the child to self-assess its strengths and weaknesses, towards the identification of integration needs and strategies.

A good indication of the child’s performance in those dimensions that will inform and assist the care professionals in providing the suitable activities offered by the INTEGRA Mentoring and Integration Programme (MIP).

4th INTEGRA Newsletter

Inviting relevant post-care stakeholders to share their opinion on the benefits and obstacles of the Platform for Cooperation

3rd Newsletter_March 2019

INTEGRA team developing the White Paper and meeting relevant post care stakeholders for each country context

1st INTEGRA Newsletter November 2018

Launching INTEGRA, A Multidisciplinary Mentorship programme to support the entrepreneurship of children