9th INTEGRA Newsletter

On our June Newsletter read about the #INTEGRAeu Webinar, which you can view on the Events section.


On our March 2020 newsletter read about the upcoming INTEGRA conference.

7th INTEGRA Newsletter

On our INTEGRA’s February 2020 Newsletter read about the mentors’s feedback on our programme.

6th INTEGRA Newsletter

On INTEGRA’s January 2020 newsletter read about the Mentoring and Integration Workshops for Professionals.

5th INTEGRA Newsletter

On INTEGRA’S December 2019 Newsletter read about the official launch of the INTEGRA Network in Italy.

INTEGRA Assessment Toolkit: Offline Assessment Tool (English version)

Tool to support Mentoring & Integration personalised plans.

4th INTEGRA Newsletter

On INTEGRA’s May 2019 newsletter read about building a network of support through the Platform for Cooperation.

3rd INTEGRA Newsletter

On INTEGRA’s March 2019 Newsletter read about our White Paper on care towards integration.

2nd INTEGRA Newsletter

On INTEGRA’s December 2018 Newletter read about our Mentoring and Integration Programme.

1st INTEGRA Newsletter

On our 1st Newsletter read about the launch of the INTEGRA project in Nicosia, Cyprus.